Microsoft Windows Vista, 6.0.5270.9


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x64, x86
  • English
  • Ultimate
  • Ultimate Check/Debug

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.5270.9 (winmain_idx03.051214-1910)
BIOS date 15/12/2005
Timebomb 31/05/2006 (+167 days)
Product Key R4HB8-QGQK4-79X38-QH3HK-Q3PJ6


With this build we have officially entered the Beta 2 stage.
It features some changes to UI and setup.

The installation process remains the same, even the OOBE after the 2nd stage.
The OOBE now features a different background and some of the layout has been changed.
You will see a new login background (vista style) after the OOBE.

The Aero theme of the UI has a slighter grayed color.
Icons have also been updated for several Control Panel Applets and Desktop Applications.
If you want to perform an administrative task you will be prompted to continue, the dialog box has been updated.

Windows AntiSpyware has been renamed to Windows Defender, Windows Media Player has a darker black color and has been updated.
Microsoft Internet Explorer has been renamed to Windows Internet Explorer and the icon has a gold band.
Code Name: Windows Collaboration is now functioning.
Media Center has been renamed to Windows Media Center and the UI (dark blue and different background) and icon has been updated.


MD5 x86: 9DEA3BB4A87E99427B1C6D7C1814656A
MD5 x64: 93E46A05A4F6DF98FB5738660F5206DB

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