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This website is dedicated to the history of Microsoft Windows, it shows the early beginnings and how it evolved of the years.
From the earliest Windows 1.0 which was released in 1985 to the modern day Windows you are now running on your machine.

Just browse through our catalog of builds where you can find information about the build such as the buildtag, in which format the build comes, architecture and languages.
Also for installation, you get the best BIOS date for it and if it needs a product key (only keys that work for beta versions) and fixes that you need to apply for it to succesfully install.

In the gallery you can find hundreds of thousands of screenshots from Windows builds featured on The Collection Book for you to look through time.
All the builds shown with information and screenshots were leaked or released at some point in history.

We take care that our information is as accurate as possible, but we also can make mistakes. Did you find something wrong?
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