Microsoft Windows Vista, 6.0.4093.0


General information
File format
  • DVD
Bootable Yes
Architecture x86
  • English
  • Professional

Install information
Full buildtag 6.0.4093.0 (main.040819-1215)
BIOS date 20/08/2004
Timebomb 16/02/2005 (+180 days)
Product Key n/a


This build is the last compile leaked before the reset a few hours later where Microsoft switched to a new code base.
The original release is just a bunch of files, install-able via the 4033 Preinstallation Environment.
It takes a while the installation, you can better leave it alone for a while after you start the installation.

After installation it boots to the desktop, but sometimes the explorer won't load, you need to execute it yourself from the task manager.
It still features the Slate theme, but with the newer wallpaper, it includes several enhancements to the Explorer.
In the Control Panel there are new programs available, Speech Recognition but doesn't work and Text to Speech, that also doesn't work.
It also includes Movie Maker 3.0, execute it from it's program folder on the C:\ drive, it bugs you with error messages, but just click ignore, it's very incomplete and buggy.

Windows Media Player is absent but Windows Messenger is included but isn't updated.
Like with 4083 and 4084 the Start Menu is empty, just a startup folder, Migration Wizard (4084) and Internet Explorer instead of Windows Messenger (4084).
You can execute Calculator, Command Prompt, Paint from the Run command, Wordpad has been fixed and also runs.
Outlook Express is included but still only shows a box with a warning icon.
It also includes the Help and Support Center but it's a work in progress.

As with previous builds, the default theme is Slate.
Also included are Jade, Windows XP Luna and Windows Classic which has been fixed.

Note that the first screenshots of the build during the Windows PE it is 4033, since 4093 can't be booted itself, there is a ''coderz'' release of it, but it is cluttered with text and the wrong setup background, I made my own version removing such things to make a cleaner installation.

Included in this build is an internal application named VoteNow.exe it display's a message so that the employees using that build can vote the build after some time (~4 hours).

It seems that the Desktop Notification that should display with 'You have been using this Longhorn build for a few hours now. By using the Vote Now button below, you can vote to let us know what you think of it. To learn more, click this text. is broken in this build, due to it doesn't display after the set amount of time.

MXPlayer is a new version of Windows Media Player that is default included.
You can open it by running C:\Windows\MXPlayer.exe.

Also included is the Options application for MXPlayer found in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Windows\v6.0.4030\MXOptions.exe.
You can utilize this applications to open setting pages, there are found in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\multimedia\*.xml, drag those files onto MXOptions.exe and it opens, just pages.xml seems to have content that is viewable.

Avalon based Movie Maker 3
You can run the Avalon based Movie Maker by running C:\Windows\Program Files\Movie Maker 3\MovieMaker.exe.
It does spit out error and debug messages, click on Ignore and OK.
As it doesn't use the explorer titlebar, you can maximize it via right-click on the taskbar and on Maximize.
It also includes sample files which you can open by Double clicking the file, it opens via PresentationHost.exe.

Avalon Display Settings
Remember the 6.0.3683.0 Display Settings dialog?
Just run C:\Windows\System32\LHDesk.exe.
It was removed when work started on Milestone 4, but it somehow included in this build, but it is modified.
Some items are included, but most links will redirect you to the regular Display properties.

Avalon Power Settings
Also included is a Power Settings Console, run it by opening C:\Windows\System32\PowerCpl.exe.

Avalon Wireless Presentation
Another application included is a Wireless Presentation application, which can display your desktop up to 20 people via a Wireless connection or you can join a Wireless Presentation.
Run C:\Windows\System32\WPWizard.exe.

Sidebar Volume Control
There is a Volume Control for the sidebar included, you need to use a registry patch to make it work.
Copy the following text into notepad, and save it as a registry file (.reg).
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Friendly Name"="Volume"

Windows Activation
A prototype activation application is included in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Windows\v6.0.4030\LicenseUI.exe.
It includes several different pages, all can be opened via the Command Line.
Included pages:
1) Activate Online
2) Enter Product Key
3) Activate by Phone
4) Reduced Function Mode
5) Grace Period
6) Online Purchase
7) Online Upgrade
8) StepUp Upgrade
9) Grace Ending
10) Oot

Open them by running from the command prompt:
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Windows\v6.0.4030\LicenseUI.exe -type=w -dlg=X
Replace X with one of the numbers above.

You can also open it via certain system events.
1) Notify Status
2) Internet Detected
3) Windows Logon

As with the pages, run it via the command prompt:
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Windows\v6.0.4030\LicenseUI.exe -type=r -event=X
Replace X with one of the numbers above.


MD5: B02574DD59C9073F335609136D7F43D1
Note that his is my own edited ISO, removing the coderz clutter for a cleaner release

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