Microsoft Windows RT 8.1, 6.3.9431.0


General information
File format
  • Microsoft Update Standalone Package (.MSU)
  • Windows Imaging Format (.WIM)
Bootable No
Architecture ARM
  • English
  • CoreARM

Install information
Full buildtag 6.3.9431.0 (winmain_bluemp.130615-1214)
BIOS date 16/06/2013
Timebomb 15/01/2014 (+213 days)
Product Key n/a


This edition can only be obtained on a Tablet (like the Microsoft Surface) via a .MSU Update and then in the Windows Store.

The Modern UI and Desktop are the same as the regular Windows 8 edition, new personalisation options, Apps.
It includes the standard applications such as:
- Alarms (New)
- Calculator (New)
- Calender (Requires a Microsoft Account)
- Camera
- Finance
- Food & Drink (New)
- Games
- Health & Fitness (New)
- Help & Tips (New)
- Internet Explorer
- Mail (Requires a Microsoft Account)
- Maps
- Music
- News
- People (Requires a Microsoft Account)
- Photos
- Reader
- Reading List (New)
- Scan (New)
- SkyDrive (Requires a Microsoft Account)
- Skype (Requires a Microsoft Account or Skype Account)
- Sound Recorder (New)
- Sport
- Store (Requires a Microsoft Account)
- Travel
- Video
- Weather

This version of Windows RT as with RT 8 includes Microsoft Office RT with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onenote and the new addition Outlook.


Multiple Languages (Update File for Windows Store):
MD5 ARM: F2F2B79666CE21A3F4FC245FF440FCAD

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