Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 4.0.1381.133


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
  • Executable (.EXE)
Bootable No
Architecture Alpha, PC98 , x86
  • Arabic Enabled
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew Enabled
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai Enabled
  • Service Pack

Install information
Full buildtag 4.0.1381.133
BIOS date 16/10/1998
Product Key n/a


Microsoft includes besides the Service Pack several other components to ''Revolse known Year 2000 issues'', the components installed are:
- Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1
- Microsoft Data Access Components 2.0 Service Pack 1

With the CD-ROM they will be installed automatically, via .exe you are remembered to download and install them.


Service Pack (CD)
MD5 English: DC5A43831CD08B1140E6CC426E64A63F
MD5 English (Check/Debug): E9867D5789DFBB40B59E7F3A1BE89229
MD5 English (High Encryption): ABAF70B14EAA668AFF71530F7ADEFFC0

Service Pack (exe) - Alpha
MD5 Arabic (Enabled): 6442696D448942FECF67725BAB192925
MD5 Chinese Simplified: 731CBB293B668F0BFA0F22799AA90A9A
MD5 Chinese Traditional: 03C06B7860262179376626949CF0B19E
MD5 Czech: 02A56B4D4A396D6652A653B826239DC3
MD5 Danish: 73A341F35E26E5F9609902A4D928A1C2
MD5 Dutch: C03191CDF0A857FAB3D3E8935402EFE2
MD5 English: 6075F159188DA4C8E202BB960E57367B
MD5 English (High Encryption): 759EE7E4EA86BA61461CDA4CFB6A827F
MD5 Finnish: BEF0E48A272DCDB56B8B4D5B35C3BEDC
MD5 French: A7A5B835D782054BA270C39106ED93B9
MD5 German: AF9055827E1C18700672E8CF0F0AA161
MD5 Hebrew (Enabled): 3F172F40238B599B8B2DDA03470C36D9
MD5 Hungarian: 0406726CE6BCCEDE90F011945C503BD8
MD5 Italian: 57C49A653C0A5D8B1C8E1EE646DE5D49
MD5 Japanese: E61771C598C410337C174A4B6E1A47B0
MD5 Korean: 8FED9C925BEC3664357745351317A2B1
MD5 Norwegian: 8BFD3ED3C0B78C7A8722265970A8608B
MD5 Pan Chinese: 3F6B490FAB1F54901247663FCF2CBE6D
MD5 Polish: C150F9223C5D6534645B3D255A4DA233
MD5 Portuguese Brazil: 74C02F9386B64C2880DD55E0DA50CBDB
MD5 Russian: AE69236E9F33462B66871540317B5BA3
MD5 Spanish: 05AC84E37E0B076D51AF7D8965780DFB
MD5 Swedish: B367B3C4BA34936917835DD3BB0A7BF4
MD5 Thai (Enabled): 6FD92815B1D5D246B893C7152C75846D

Service Pack (exe) - PC98
MD5 Japanese: A2CBF818B5C9FDEEDEE6335C6963D8FB

Service Pack (exe) - x86
MD5 Arabic (Enabled): CB6A1F9CD50129143D516AA5E250C370
MD5 Chinese Simplified: 38CEC8B7EDA749C0E69BBDA379052CC7
MD5 Chinese Traditional: 058D63485F7CBC83647268EF142E0AAB
MD5 Czech: 540901DE8DACCE93FA2036DD9881BA2B
MD5 Danish: 53600B5A085400F75A18AFFBF92793BB
MD5 Dutch: 0A6B545E997667383731B5F1B1C79263
MD5 English: A18AA31F0D54D99B6520E95B78C6758F
MD5 English (High Encryption): 38E7E402205A19E15D55F7C2861E897A
MD5 Finnish: 8FC28A5CB9F79488429381783E422626
MD5 French: D249D787D1EC4FD1BCD2833F6DBEAF6A
MD5 German: B9C91D1F54AB0DC4A6ECCAEB40FC7857
MD5 Hebrew (Enabled): 5107DF13CC90231E9DAFEAF0C62B5161
MD5 Hungarian: F556E8279698A0F0C6C787A87753CFFD
MD5 Italian: 3FF0C2FF8E0F420CE0AE4E35172345D1
MD5 Japanese: 640A63575BF547306E4F9A27966075E2
MD5 Korean: 16E876631C9BEDC27D497F93FC08B298
MD5 Norwegian: 8C1EF0ABC569A6FC7D51AF235DC245E1
MD5 Pan Chinese: 5C3C0876180F0C1C0C16DD6BE50A5DD8
MD5 Polish: 879450E5CFD7765CACC7634636AE62BA
MD5 Portuguese Brazil: 57103F6B44C186CBFA71A4D7B7DDAA17
MD5 Russian: 2A2FF2ABCB251D9968071DEAD7589FEB
MD5 Spanish: D127255ED5A7D2E2CF2ECB0042CB9D93
MD5 Swedish: 93F747647543069BC2FA85711F4C01EF
MD5 Thai (Enabled): 965B9A50D9FD1E6F2A4FCC89227D74E1

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