Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 4.0.1381.4


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
  • Executable (.EXE)
Bootable Yes
Architecture Alpha, PC98 , x86
  • Arabic Enabled
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew Enabled
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai Enabled
  • Advanced Server
  • Enterprise
  • Service Pack
  • Workstation

Install information
Full buildtag 4.0.1381.4
BIOS date 02/05/1997
Product Key n/a


Microsoft introduced the Enterprise Server edition with this Service Pack, besides the base installation it also installs:
- Microsoft Frontpage 97
- Internet Information Services 3.0
- Microsoft Cluster Server
- Microsoft Message Queue Server
- Microsoft Transaction Server

For Workstation Only there are 3 new languages, Arabic, Hebrew and Thai, all 3 are only Enabled versions, this means the User Interface is English and specific language support is included.

Microsoft also dropped another Archicture this time it is the PowerPC.


Enterprise Server
MD5 English (Disc 1): 100CC18C364628D22163C7AD3400B1A8
MD5 English (Disc 2): A3F3504C5C8A2C0B557B56F1A1F5AEA9
MD5 French (Disc 1): 7A60CBD18C9883182C1268B7737B5BFE
MD5 French (Disc 2): 830044F10E3B284AC68534393470D587
MD5 German (Disc 1): 969805736755EF17A745141CB689D08F
MD5 German (Disc 2): C257897CCD2D479123375FD8B6077982
MD5 Japanese (Disc 1): 79891ABC53BCAB7E4485983261E280C0
MD5 Japanese (Disc 2): 4484BAF93A7B7899284B54AD2EF920F0
MD5 Spanish (Disc 1): 4F5CB568030552070445200A75BCAF73
MD5 Spanish (Disc 2): A61C392E68750B8D7420983FB059E4D6

MD5 Arabic, Hebrew & Thai Enabled: C7C9368FD3BA65D8D1C413F969AFFD0C

Service Pack
MD5 Chinese Simplified (exe) (Alpha): 597EDA410A120A31FD911F825184C329
MD5 Chinese Simplified (exe) (x86): EAD2F23191790AAB77130E828FB22741
MD5 Chinese Traditional (exe) (Alpha): 0F374AD6D312FB59D9B6C6EBAE0B1FF3
MD5 Chinese Traditional (exe)) (x86): 315C9BC9C4ABE5FADA0BFFA67E580FD6
MD5 English (CD): 64C06EA7D40717C6366A5EA8E003389C
MD5 English (exe) (x86): FEFA45D64C700A5A4A68C01A4CB288A9
MD5 English (High Encryption) (exe) (x86): 92925FCBBECB8C861F33426FFE028618
MD5 German (exe) (x86): E3D93500AC424FC3A1AD9E4AF66B6A5F
MD5 Korean (exe) (Alpha): 730D84B64752AF12DE4A73E8353D6859
MD5 Korean (exe) (x86): 3DDAFE744B415EE6DA61291D160E192A
MD5 Pan Chinese (exe) (Alpha): 165E499903CE9CFE8581AE31C0EE3B61
MD5 Pan Chinese (exe) (x86): 578A9C8214816148EB5B4E27A0A37C96
MD5 Polish (exe) (Alpha): BE04A8C81F822BC999710A46C874D3C4
MD5 Polish (exe) (x86): A0891ED81074A978F816D71F8B90C4C6
MD5 Russian (exe) (Alpha): 865B9D9CAB350B1BC5C2FC7A05C4C4C7
MD5 Russian (exe) (x86): C9383E514A31D9F6944850D294278716

MD5 Arabic (Enabled): 4FAF9557FD000C04BB6B296D76814053
MD5 Hebrew (Enabled): BB16FA612BB071C91A07876105724B46
MD5 Thai (Enabled): FE5602F36A9525BAEB2FD1EF2AA5A4D5

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