Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 4.0.1227.1


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable Yes via bootdisk
Architecture x86
  • English
  • Server
  • Workstation

Install information
Full buildtag 4.0.1227.1
BIOS date 21/01/1996
Product Key n/a


This build contains some new applications such as HyperTerminal, Phone Dailer.


MD5 CD-ROM: 0D61B160FF338936D3DF0C22766AC6B5
MD5 Floppy 1: E9872BDD84C0573E30136D72502EEE00
MD5 Floppy 2: 8D4FCF7D77831DC4D234DF65E071C759
MD5 Floppy 3: E20C383BB1C6B61D46852DB2BE64ED69

MD5 CD-ROM: 1B91044391416E583F4B7642A62AA750
MD5 Floppy 1: 78993F14C9DD50467554E70EDAA79235
MD5 Floppy 2: 6AF1C33EE9AEE4A1CC9D471BB5594BCA
MD5 Floppy 3: 91B98D56D1C732E8D710D26FBC9524A9


This build needs some work to let it install smoothly.
First download this package:
We recommend Virtual PC for this build for optimal resolution.
This works for both Server as Workstation.

Follow the instructions as noted below.
1) Boot your Virtual Machine with Setup Floppy 1 and follow the instructions.
2) When asked for Setup Floppy 3 use the one from the Downloaded Package and follow any further instructions.
3) Turn off your Virtual Machine instead of rebooting at the end of the file copy.
4) Open your Virtual Hard Drive and browse to \WINNT\System32\Drivers.
5) Insert the contents of \4.0.1227.1\Files after TXT Setup from the Downloaded Package.
6) Boot your Virtual Machine and follow the instructions, it should work fine now.

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