Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 4.0.1381.204


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
  • Executable (.EXE)
Bootable No
Architecture Alpha, PC98 , x86
  • Arabic Enabled
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Pan Chinese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai Enabled
  • Service Pack

Install information
Full buildtag 4.0.1381.204
BIOS date 30/04/1999
Product Key n/a


Included on the CD-ROM Version is Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 2.


Service Pack (CD)
MD5 English: 0E8D3A52276352A15463503455E670A1
MD5 English Check/Debug: 1E9CE604FBDC227E6F0870BA172A9C5C

Service Pack (exe) - Alpha
MD5 Arabic (Enabled): 749BAA9F789E63D1F449DA43A720FBBA
MD5 Chinese Simplified: 74272FC338AA9A4AF1A6BF447EA3C679
MD5 Chinese Traditional: 0740AEFDE122E4DC37C7E05C0E74F9F9
MD5 Czech: C1F9D4B14A61227C1DFF6FAACE8F8726
MD5 Danish: 2B954520B71576545DD2A7D97E8D521C
MD5 Dutch: 7E44BB089E1DBD6726216FEC04A08E28
MD5 English: 199378C910A3349E9FD9F6A4FD5136CB
MD5 Finnish: 8C12AC227257E1A0E01A3EABEC407914
MD5 French: 70E9564673FF0DAD3F1265E23F5EE6DD
MD5 German: 42A61CDBFFF95C1B25F9FB3935BBD094
MD5 Hebrew (Enabled): B48A5A391BC3A467D38DA8C8B22F7E15
MD5 Hungarian: CD0A41F14E6391F60DB87F0BFD87D3E5
MD5 Italian: 8BD04402FBAFC980FA6464370D13983A
MD5 Japanese: 73B0FE7420542986908CD0A2A1AFFB30
MD5 Korean: 5F5A731DAA1315150DE6BBE136B6A306
MD5 Norwegian: 906040389517625692B2EDF9F2132EA4
MD5 Pan Chinese: F51A6D95D37145BF9BDAC46919C0D42B
MD5 Polish: 7B74FC70EC17416A1C08AB96BF83225C
MD5 Portuguese Brazil: F658215B1C4172F740295F141EC16914
MD5 Russian: A888A5F6C3C1BA60B0FFF321B69B73A9
MD5 Spanish: 313818BAE2449D22640F3B45B72F4E79
MD5 Swedish: 4C4CD98F7141417CEBBE33C857A10495
MD5 Thai (Enabled): 291A13223FFDC29ACADFDEDF98F29500

Service Pack (exe) - PC98
MD5 Japanese: A466E2E37C77D2B216F8734BED772433

Service Pack (exe) - x86
MD5 Arabic (Enabled): 9DF5BEF3B5A25E0BFEC1841083128469
MD5 Chinese Simplified: 578926DBB04DD405B069E0519B65E220
MD5 Chinese Traditional: F4D5A80B41C1232A463FA2169D97CC00
MD5 Czech: 0E96F4DDD008278DCB253BBE6596FA9C
MD5 Danish: 8A46BB8E77F08F312AB23F150B48CFCF
MD5 Dutch: 5B44014124BFC317B02D103D8E8204B7
MD5 English: D37ADDE405BEFBEDA604B8D9167132C1
MD5 Finnish: EADA8CDA4C4816B1A7F84FD1D888D6EF
MD5 French: 903C3BA0B051F5A3E85D221CEBB78AFE
MD5 German: AD0C90014DAD984E46E7D0CD7553E227
MD5 Hebrew (Enabled): 9D1F7F69654750EFF92BE1B44C6FC5CA
MD5 Hungarian: 5FB2C06C57BB6CAA29BE726BE9EA8359
MD5 Italian: 94F6792196260FD709DF124B569CA95B
MD5 Japanese: 2E8208785A6F2D95C622228D272EFE8F
MD5 Korean: 7497C52DD5ADD78F44BA8EB4B1EE121E
MD5 Norwegian: 484D6836BBD7AFF38FA66DDB111140FF
MD5 Pan Chinese: D833AB24B45C3C56CFCCFC62F5A536B4
MD5 Polish: CBAB84273FDCA0BF3C8A0D473896B154
MD5 Portuguese Brazil: 86A70AB345BE690BB93F37759ACCC035
MD5 Russian: 1A7F592275097D2A56C73A7A89FB2EA0
MD5 Spanish: 10A24DC72E167587A1143E16FB7615FC
MD5 Swedish: DD51DA38455D9781C4278E35258A1040
MD5 Thai (Enabled): 3F6EA0CF0D0A64726C6EB408374332D1

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