Microsoft Windows Me, 4.90.2416.0


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable No
Architecture x86
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag 4.90.2416.0
BIOS date 11/11/1999
Timebomb 15/05/2000 (+187 days)
Product Key RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG


x86 Compact Disc
SHA-1 English: 34F086D189BF019BF7F4C66573B5999AAB922F60


If you use Microsoft Virtual PC we recommend to upgrade from an earlier version of Windows (or a previous build).
This is due that there can be a bug which detects the wrong display adapter thus you are stuck with 16 color, you can try to install the VMAdditions to install the driver (does not work on all Windows Me builds).

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