Microsoft Windows BackOffice 2.5, 2.5


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
Bootable Yes via bootdisk
Architecture x86
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • BackOffice Server

Install information
Full buildtag 2.5
Based 4.0.1381.2
BIOS date 19/11/1996
Product Key n/a


Microsoft BackOffice 2.5 makes an upgrade to several components, notably the OS, it is now based on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server Service Pack 1.
After installation you can install the following components:
- Internet Information Services 2.0 (during installation or after)
- Microsoft SQL Server 6.5
- Microsoft SNA Server 3.0
- Microsoft SMS 1.2
- Microsoft Exchange 4.0
- Microsoft Proxy Server 1.0
- Microsoft Index Server 1.1
- Internet Explorer 3.01
- Microsoft FrontPage 1.1


MD5 Disc 1: 6EA2DECFF4204306C6DF3D599FE36CAA
MD5 Disc 2: 0E0895ADD575934FD0C1C232FE4D7D92
MD5 Disc 3: 0BB5217268C00ACB762A998F557092E9
MD5 Disc 4: 57428BF5ECA981579362D8BD63511F8A

MD5 Disc 1: BBA94957B25A685B92C53A96719A8F5F
MD5 Disc 2: 1764520C3044CD46AF2028A6D957D823
MD5 Disc 3: 142EB541E585F8A7212CA8EBD184FD21
MD5 Disc 4: 1B93B57820D05802D8EFF841122CD6FA

MD5 Disc 1: F902E73F5EE3F81FEC5F44CDC2D70540
MD5 Disc 2: 9FE18970760A9F8662E1E89868C3360C
MD5 Disc 3: B528D7C44EBDBDE1B73399D86EC6D5A9
MD5 Disc 4: F2E4F77FDD888ED0AAAB08A1E9648BF2


First create Setup Floppy's, run in DOS .\I386\WINNT.EXE /OX and provide 3 black floppy's.
Then boot from the First Floppy (last one made) and follow the instructions.
Make sure you set it up as a Primary Domain Controller.

After installation run from the Server CD-ROM .\SETUP.EXE and select the components you want to install and follow their instructions, reboot after the SQL Server installation, default user is sa with no password.

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