Microsoft Windows 95, 4.00.950


General information
File format
  • Compact Disc
  • Floppy Disc
Bootable No
Architecture FM Towns, PC98 , x86
  • Arabic Enabled
  • Arabic Localized
  • Basque
  • Catalan
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew Localized
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Pan Euro
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Portuguese Portugal
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai Enabled
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese Enabled

Install information
Full buildtag 4.00.950
BIOS date 12/07/1995
Product Key n/a


The original release of Windows 95, it was released in Retail and OEM format.
When installing the retail version it does not install Internet Explorer, it is not even included, but when installing a OEM version, it could include Internet Explorer 1.0, since with some it install the Plus! components which include Internet Explorer.

It comes in Floppy and CD format, each include a Floppy Bootdisk.
Some OEM versions are bootable, including the Bootdisk in the bootfile on the CD-ROM.


Compact Disc:
MD5 Arabic Enabled: 66CA298366D9BDF8230C039555B4B543
MD5 Arabic Localized: E2FF424C41C767FA8FF059A7AF291C23
MD5 Basque: 232C2CF433EAA119C5E9E0F4F4971418
MD5 Catalan: C1812F63DC28441F2FA7EC446B248DDF
MD5 Chinese Simplified: 847D1F426C25928A55AD1FA23D546ADD
MD5 Chinese Traditional: 40F04F0A38F01E3023A8BC1AE605227A
MD5 Czech: A28A1069C43F496F4E12D077007FEACE
MD5 Danish: A14D36DE25337AF4233FF9FAFE635764
MD5 Dutch: 9D9818DB64DF7464ABAFCE3B02D7484F
MD5 Dutch (Upgrade): 35BBD233B648F48691AF0734C3FF015C
MD5 Dutch (with Plus!): B309F2ABD528464521B11D7FD6EE6C97
MD5 English (Check/Debug): 40665A06E3944EB34988F0400FAD8575
MD5 English (OEM): C4515D0353CE7FA357FD9E2E4ADA55E3
MD5 English (Upgrade): A5955ACC7C11D94FBF6B9117798AE59E
MD5 Finnish: D6D033762D5690F9DE53FFC835B1F1D6
MD5 French: 49515631D351C5630D265C46A22E3434
MD5 German: 0E6339A97675292565787C4D1FACED4F
MD5 Greek: 6A84E2DD818D8BDD4E1491D6D824E179
MD5 Hebrew Localized: BBA4DF7A73FBDCA276146ADC8094EE14
MD5 Hungarian: F6E75643147861499E75AB08E1019B48
MD5 Italian: B9A26B945452994983916C2E3187E3E5
MD5 Japanese: 883D19F013872C02CF3046BFB65AE75C
MD5 Japanese (FM Towns): 7999865099724C62A508913D78954223
MD5 Japanese (FM Towns Drivers): B846BB06CF7B88FA05C97D10EF693B70
MD5 Japanese (PC98): FEE9223AE9A498CC9F41F3FDE7F6569B
MD5 Korean: 712F8837860071EA4FA1E8FF99D9A6A8
MD5 Korean (Check/Debug): 89532ACB189D3338EFC45C93AE99FA3E
MD5 Norwegian Bokmal: F8F9A6B40C87FA2CA5F1E5F15D53109B
MD5 Pan Euro: 9BB5229575D9D0F592CB024B6A1B376A
MD5 Pan Euro (MSDN): C348B6915CF66A35CD034D78C8151E5C
MD5 Polish: 0E9D3B02E57A8B2C871B07E9709B682A
MD5 Portuguese Brazil: D103DEAD884D21CAF7CFC5234AAB5B34
MD5 Portuguese Portugal: 8E869C749A50B2F6C5ED0BC6B87E58D1
MD5 Russian: 2F2B4BAE4F040F9C294FBE6ED2C12059
MD5 Russian (Upgrade): D4C8817CBF2847951C4EB8E8BC7AEF82
MD5 Slovenian (OEM): 8DC368CCA27199BF4876A252F7A85597
MD5 Spanish: 8AAA54A9B85181CDD6592B153BE60D0A
MD5 Swedish: 56D19EA962F82C73D2D9E4EB1F043210
MD5 Swedish (OEM): E190D7AA32A7C93DA9686FBC5BA23681
MD5 Thai Enabled: 267F7B299D46FD5DCDCDFD045F57FB62
MD5 Turkish: D2DA75A65019D802FE3C51BA336AAD4F
MD5 Vietnamese Enabled: 1DF2DCAD5A0939F7F6DE30420C015AF2

Floppy Disk:
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy Boot): D30869A3BD9FF8E1A901C37E343FFD67
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 01): F8CD967F24BA392E5117B479739F610B
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 02): 7176F5D1B4FAC05D856EF596AEF7AB6F
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 03): 3F9604CD2BEEB9BCF340761A474CB73F
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 04): A138BA2E73F492BD8E341B7D29FADFCA
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 05): 1D6C96004F3488B28A559BD197A43B8E
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 06): 669EB21BB85E9FB7B291983DF7A7C0D0
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 07): 9E78FDE9794566755039ABA3806B9389
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 08): BDF7344647131B5DCFCCECC525F40701
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 09): B706F53EDFF69F6A61B815883E94D9C7
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 10): 446EB59D0B1471500B8E67573D52D681
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 11): E0143C5B84120A429E5C9DC403C04BFB
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 12): 671EB081701702B17D0497DCC8F7BE85
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 13): 344B9BA97430818E9843D939E4066ADA
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 14): 2B8DD2D7B0F5FE4609D92E501DAA55C5
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 15): D5F700EFA1061DA09B80FD6919A656B9
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 16): E32FB4EC2830364E368C166036FB0039
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 17): BB1E28C3F9316F50899C1465B73FBD93
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 18): 5F494FB575F54FEDFFE9DD8304FEE0F4
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 19): 5B7765F88E05599F73CE1B23452FF648
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 20): 101B645211EC84A0646CCBBE6A18D020
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 21): 65CC1DA413C0CDB36EB0D1B530B85977
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 22): 3AA18023AEF612E2D7D89DF7216AC31F
MD5 Chinese Simplified (Floppy 23): C48E72C5D5F363C4188FCA87B1AB87B2
MD5 English (Floppy Boot): 646BF4BD6F172E8BCFAE0AF4E6EC8B90
MD5 English (Floppy 01): F6FF249C9DD50B22083DCBCC62182ACB
MD5 English (Floppy 02): 5157C8E1859ABD72BF79B1177DA83831
MD5 English (Floppy 03): C2A49D114E118FF0DAA3E196C9DA3968
MD5 English (Floppy 04): 1129E79622D038FD7AEA4FFF483D284B
MD5 English (Floppy 05): DCEBC4E3A30EA48DE3AC2A7599677383
MD5 English (Floppy 06): FE7A56694B9A5F58188E1B4EABE6F0C0
MD5 English (Floppy 07): 54711B87D067A2181136F12C6DF00E97
MD5 English (Floppy 08): 87C79D75131162E5E77DAF0978E8C8C5
MD5 English (Floppy 09): 3DAE8277921B8847648B7AEC249809EF
MD5 English (Floppy 10): BB8F2D758A827ADCE0DCD02FB786FD46
MD5 English (Floppy 11): CC8A702107E486917046B991C7EF3399
MD5 English (Floppy 12): 2CC93051AE90927EC13C4962C69162C9
MD5 English (Floppy 13): 40C5970F44AD040690A2DB570B3A9A40
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy Boot): 646BF4BD6F172E8BCFAE0AF4E6EC8B90
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 01): 2ED1D49134DFA6475C1B5D3421B1F30E
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 02): E535C8C41749C5B326DA9575F17D767F
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 03): B942D3D78C7BAA2924B963DF6B38D391
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 04): 3271FD9F54E6EB8ED73756441162B569
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 05): 6F28A25E1D4217C3FB1A4FBF50ECFB35
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 06): 69F26D9A1293374B3D8B196EED901459
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 07): F3A1DCA4AF77CC82FAEF7B35EE07A3AA
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 08): E329F1F0D0B5330A976AC5137E13E4EC
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 09): F6F8C31DA1AAD52DFBBF2B7691AED50A
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 10): C5FAE9A8D36B183C4A5CCEE76B639089
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 11): F248FA53B96F63232EC13F77047EE5CC
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 12): E413C5C6355A0AD99E4BB6798CCB1FA3
MD5 English (OEM) (Floppy 13): 0F0EF707B2E8DA61008D9246E53D239E
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy Boot): B309C6656D348FA560FDD08891DCC067
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 01): 2E231399D6241180F600A6BD64955F73
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 02): 1087A3ABEFF22DCCB40A7B300D6604CF
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 03): C35D16CAE121EDF64046B7E41BCEE3A2
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 04): A5A804F1C712189360F584319708582B
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 05): 9658F179ECF840035D552CE909308CC0
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 06): 5515F73424A7DE7C3730FD0284D88AA0
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 07): 53ECAEDD208D2AEE7B2A39DB8F1DA37B
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 08): CB9B8ADDBB7C8635BE40990289AB5278
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 09): 13D603E0048D9E5BCCFBDEEFD1432A01
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 10): 3A2C672A60C3094FC93E8A0AF728F369
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 11): 18F286C5E897DC7CDFC13FDDF856F03F
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 12): 9269C0210BCED03F33A71814E43A7D8F
MD5 French (OEM) (Floppy 13): B5FDF9BD252A7715AFB43EFFA8F3F1AE
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 01): 9A0BBFCBB13E5349B621B7DABB975311
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 02): 57D76F67867189AF084027137A275D5D
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 03): 798B040048ABECE1ECFC42FDE9718F21
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 04): 9ACF8206F51296F02308B90311CE0546
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 05): 503E529F7967A4745028592504BCEEA2
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 06): 0F3F306B608458DEE5CB44916A111B08
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 07): 5E43835BB9972DF4C6C97756D579E52F
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 08): E21E1359F686DB77A2CEA9A4B731CA9E
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 09): 5F3FB2DE1877F7A3FD041B3DC1571D82
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 10): B90132E0FDA0332BC601A5C3024684B6
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 11): 37F1BAC5347037BED830E243FB6A3FEA
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 12): 028144BCB6C89D6BA9836EBA7BB6D521
MD5 French (Upgrade) (Floppy 13): F8D87B3DF13CBE444D1D60E3D4769080
MD5 Korean (Floppy Boot): 20159298AA8E4065053A3D531B061D32
MD5 Korean (Floppy 01): 97303EAAD52F70426415048A19D306D0
MD5 Korean (Floppy 02): 45259776731FDC0E353770B40E4A0E60
MD5 Korean (Floppy 03): 7A35754E3A2CF8DCF8973F37C47008AC
MD5 Korean (Floppy 04): 0DB04C1B4B54091F5BDC4A712FB803B3
MD5 Korean (Floppy 05): 0C001AFBFE0E2922A68AACE8EA74C5E5
MD5 Korean (Floppy 06): B3D095610ABC6D76860723498B9956FD
MD5 Korean (Floppy 07): 2E78D88D1644D09CBE78D6DAE63E9859
MD5 Korean (Floppy 08): F5F08EA29020F98847FA4B3A93323113
MD5 Korean (Floppy 09): 3621C819F83BF242B0378E32867BD59B
MD5 Korean (Floppy 10): 89996C8BCBFE1E7087C965640E523F64
MD5 Korean (Floppy 11): 2616BBFE7E5CEF022AC4C29526925A37
MD5 Korean (Floppy 12): BE0A3D94657FF261A69A1C97307A4EA0
MD5 Korean (Floppy 13): E38B777B2CBB6D30FD731CDE7DB8ECFF
MD5 Korean (Floppy 14): F98A464F908A645074E74D839520E1F4
MD5 Korean (Floppy 15): 9F07A1A919C3FFF10D90EEBE032E369D
MD5 Korean (Floppy 16): B1ED351ADE6C0056F87683B6C1B98EE0
MD5 Korean (Floppy 17): 578D5048874C2A6455BE7CD320F49272
MD5 Korean (Floppy 18): E0C1C42C37A064DAA84C8A5374C88473
MD5 Korean (Floppy 19): A2916D2FC1FC581FA077BF2752FF4E07
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 01): D89A44C53C7C7CF1DDE84B8D1E1B2CDB
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 02): D6DFBA253B4D4E42DD93E1142DCB660B
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 03): 0EEB795262ACFC8326C9B04C85A0D1E4
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 04): 13B409C30DB7D70B23413A5C5638C5C1
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 05): 95967DB6DFA0A6FA74A7FBB30F6472DD
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 06): E0AC1D0933FD48CC85A0590C836B620D
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 07): 3054A50BD44458E1046B6C6469B5F533
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 08): D1A8ADF4AB76EDE45DD47BF535E6E6F5
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 09): 5054AC3C539E510E9C92CBA470281FCA
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 10): 2AB3A936E6DB98E240D73A4A387B976B
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 11): A334816CC1A33E27132336D6691E802F
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 12): A8FB2783FA6419DAA2DFB5B5F00297BF
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 13): 14D7B92D4BC535791131422EFF6B5672
MD5 Russian (Upgrade) (Floppy 14): 4DEC8D907FEDB867915CE15AC3F94D8E

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