Microsoft Windows 95, 4.00.180


General information
File format
  • Floppy Disc
Bootable No
Architecture x86
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag 4.00.180
BIOS date 11/09/1994
Product Key Beta ID: 101907
Password: 999b70c9e


x86 Floppy Disc - English
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 1: 17EAD1E6E0B9260AE3B8BD3860D7F8FFDA10AB0A
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 2: 1FD7A5B7E78D0A7E00F9986735768CBB368C66FC
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 3: 68E0B6C91876277365EC61F77A78A29C8A6B2FF8
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 4: 1A357204957992A1DFBEFA29AB1B4E6EA0D66FE5
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 5: BB8705635DBBAECD326224942082F51C15107B41
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 6: 2C05AE9A386872189382D414AA291DF133AC694B
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 7: 83C2CEC549B1E3583EA4E10A845B0397067E37A1
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 8: BF3DD65E92115BFEE2541CEDB1C951DB662F251A
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 9: 9D2A5820CBFC55674E126BB3CA16157979242ACB
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 10: 10D935BF8F8B7A466DEEDA4791C0202F7DC27F3D
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 11: 8F2BB17980BC32B03CB34F90CA38B499693EAE59
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 12: A3B31AB4C678CDB403EF56EF43356982E731AC92
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 13: 5ADB6C33CDDDC61AA6C8B8C5FF5F7F9C96733C09
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 14: 6CC5157D8C602B5DC79843FC2D5D9F3FA3467A9D


We recommend doing this on Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 with an older PC.
Install MS-DOS 5, then change DOS=HIGH to DOS=LOW in CONFIG.SYS.

Follow the instructions included in the readme of the release.

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