Microsoft Windows 95, 4.00.302


General information
File format
  • Floppy Disc
Bootable No
Architecture x86
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag 4.00.302
BIOS date 23/12/1994
Product Key Beta ID: 186349
Password: 94730fb34


Instead of the usual Start button, this build features a Ship It! button.


x86 Floppy Disc - English
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 1: F563E8663F60B20E080D5A554DF4743FD3A2E42D
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 2: 2EE8BEC7CB495B1652F1DBAAB32ECF7BE6EFEE86
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 3: 1D4CBFE456D3D53F596D08C3AC6660AD7BC33AB6
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 4: 501E75474D72FE1F022289888C3BE453B0B99BF2
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 5: 927425AF5E25F058033F7626FEB2CF83DA9537E2
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 6: 92868666A5721E5023B8A5E0817A1975FDFF212B
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 7: C4F6EBE2DA503B5DCE5D9AF9EE634E0A3B635FFD
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 8: A7C23BE547CBA695C457FBD28C840039976B0FE7
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 9: 4B9AF0B1D89A554CE91F2518832DE7F24E3753EC
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 10: FEFAB355932D41F1183C883706411186DA563D7B
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 11: 14B584204B7B0A1C371FEFA5E191912CD7DAE03C
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 12: 40378CBDBB22F552556211DB32616817451D8AD7
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 13: DAE0A9F540555F310421E910C2543DDC589D7CA1
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 14: 414B68AFFDDC098937158E598E82B97A71CBA601
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 15: ECDD105D7A6A89920CB432066DDDF47ED3002EF2
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 16: 94F04E18F6D0827A6755E79D28497A4659D1911C
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 17: 133ACA052E500612A869468EA558F631987B84DA
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 18: D91218AE3FF7F8D4FC912A231A83D6C4ADFB42AD
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 19: C056974C342AFE597DE611D7B2D1BCF2D8686B1D
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 20: 2D97E73B79675429D1D96B018E6B945BC448BE0E
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 21: 9CE0F338CCE4736E22CB56843F91D4B7C031CF3E
SHA-1 Floppy Disc 22: 4A5BA159A69313E55D58D39714F8A01ACA8F93A5


We recommend doing this on Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 with an older PC.
Install MS-DOS 5, then change DOS=HIGH to DOS=LOW in CONFIG.SYS.

Readme.txt not found
During setup you will get an error that displays that it can't copy the readme.txt file, this is because it is missing, it is not an critical error and the file can be skipped.

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