Microsoft Windows 2.x, 2.01 for 386


General information
File format
  • Floppy Disc
Bootable No
Architecture 16-Bit
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag 2.01 for 386
BIOS date 09/09/1987
Product Key n/a


Windows Version 2.x made a big change in how Windows are shown on screen, this is the first Windows version that features overlapping Windows.
As well as this version is only available in a Compaq OEM version.


MD5 Floppy 1 (Setup, Build and Utilities 1): AAEA821752EAACBE2A531F1759544B64
MD5 Floppy 2 (Utilities 2, Fonts and Desktop Applications): D9485CD87C4F5105A422FF08DD36C632
MD5 Floppy 3 (Write Program and VM Control): C86D1E160CF1264EAADA78141518165A

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