Microsoft Windows 1.x, Beta


General information
File format
  • Floppy Disc
Bootable No
Architecture 16-Bit
  • English

Install information
Full buildtag Beta
BIOS date 02/05/1985
Product Key n/a


This build features a brand new installer and you can now also run it from the Floppy Disc.
After installation just run it by typing WIN, it includes a updated UI as well as About Dialogs in Applications.


MD5 Floppy 1: 58C6278C9C959C0C037D6317EE1689B2
MD5 Floppy 2: 8AF94AE4910474122FAF56A02105228A
MD5 Floppy 3: F42F29D875B33A5CA9A89298CFA378BC

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