Microsoft Windows 10 v1703, 10.0.14942.1000


General information
File format
  • Cabinet File (.CAB)
  • Electronic Software Download (.ESD)
Bootable No
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English United Kingdom
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
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  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Bokmål
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Install information
Full buildtag 10.0.14942.1000 (rs_prerelease.161003-1929)
BIOS date 04/10/2016
Timebomb 01/05/2017 (+209 days)
Product Key This build accepts Windows 10 license keys.


Release Information
This build is released to the Fast ring users of the Insider Program on 07/10/2016.
Official announcement:

Improvements and fixes
*) Hide app list on Start;
*) Photos app update;
*) Refined the precision touchpad experience;
*) Improved PC upgrade experience;
*) New Windows Update icon;
*) Service hosts are split into seperate processes on PCs with 3.5GB+ of RAM;
*) Expanded the Active Hours to 18 hours;
*) Form field navigation in Narrator;
*) Updated Narrator's reading order for Windows 10 apps which displays an app bar at the bottom;
*) Fixed the issue where sfc.exe /SCANNOW failed at 20%;
*) Fixed an issue where Windows 10 app notifications in certain areas where not doing anything when clicked;
*) Fixed the issue where the Background Settings page in Settings crashed;
*) Fixed an issue resulting in Windows Defender Antimalware Service Executable using unexpectedly a large amount of CPU;
*) Fixed an issue resulting in the Devices and Printer page in Control Panel loading slowly for users with certain audio devices;
*) Fixed the issue where a small set of users saw the NFTS partition are RAW;
*) Custom printer names should now be retained after upgrading to future builds;
*) Improved framerates when Game Bar is enabled for full screen games.

Known issues
*) The local intranet server could be unreachable as service host separation will leave the IIS World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3Svc) unable to start successfully. To fix the issue run the following 2 items from an admin command line (or manually edit the registry) and then reboot the system:
1) REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3SVC /v SvcHostSplitDisable /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
2) REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WAS /v SvcHostSplitDisable /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f


x64 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 991F4CCCE31360B495AEB87CB3B8B2AB2EB26EBD
SHA-1 Russian: E16A5282DE9DF0A5EEE07FA287F6EFD9A6245974

x64 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: BC0B82A54EB4651BCC5F1AF25D3A86FE0C5102FE
SHA-1 Russian: E66788848417AC1FED3CC822D2E5275173E3E7D6

x64 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: FD8C34EE6ED0299B7B1219E63BE6AAD50523E833
SHA-1 Russian: 9EC7C41810A4D91A62B2C79B942E4DD5BBCE8BEF

x64 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 Dutch: 0431053DA08487B38AB3B5C6D03389D50DF0AE39
SHA-1 English: C182E7F700CFA9C2879E052FF14315BEFDEDB438
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: CD5B51D8A84543FFA8245ED1724E7EB14A843A6B
SHA-1 Russian: 92FC9D67400C307900C33E470C4D0DEA0F7785FC
SHA-1 Spanish: BDCE3A9A78CDE398C25FB63765F656164C480E75

x64 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 4373D5E926B81CA0FD0A59BB0DA5C364F0DEF567
SHA-1 Russian: 3F7FA5C87C1630E2F7F1752D1B9C549AF0012ECD

x86 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: A714A08EC4416A960C5D0F90A6B906F511DF9F19
SHA-1 Russian: 8E90600855CA29D5BD94F62DB24CA9EDF6186790

x86 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 88AC4AE117906C08430D10D04A7B45CC3E6D7450
SHA-1 Russian: 8CF1E37A7B2BB41659B21CDA5DD9F96B2E64B531

x86 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 7ED5E1C9B3B020757C5B0B995808A4798838FA04
SHA-1 Russian: 5DFB2AD018599D8A5163F76A1B35F67A1C5E370D

x86 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 8DB479765507AB98FFE13AC723CB7FF1B8EA24CC
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 08358ED053388601C9353D2659C6B25F20F133C7
SHA-1 Russian: BC84B789C2F5F2A7F488F5DC5577239A60529E09

x86 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 532F8D2C4186E855073B07D07684BB48A5902B52
SHA-1 Russian: 500AEEE31289C352C061A2E9E1605B61C5D73763

x64 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: F1EFB8E0A2E87D95B0BE35DBDA0C1D0091C302E9
SHA-1 Basque: 43B701C467F391F31CFC37B1773376DDB4ADF9BF
SHA-1 Catalan: 36BFA4E84EE4643D55997445570896A0B062A7ED
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: 63A2BA541BBAEE594B86EBFF66E50A6AA67F78FC
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 83C54AA945D5A848578B7503952112780FA281F5
SHA-1 Czech: 7E0C8416478A0CF9D8CD4D4231E8AB0E80ECCECA
SHA-1 Danish: FA51AB5DD8E0CDA7222D02020431FE962668B5ED
SHA-1 Dutch: 8E2D4FF57397E74109CC2037F835FC578E85AF9C
SHA-1 English: D1ED1813350725CDA9AA69346073AE7DC08A43BA
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 23C42A803248697412E246E9089AAD80E73F78B8
SHA-1 Finnish: BD5B9704DB4C44E740028F846A7CF3D58FD013AC
SHA-1 French: 24A893E0E6A7CCC21E1FFF4C7CC75E709695A459
SHA-1 French Canada: 34F42FA437B7AF2AC559B9067CD0CC8CF3C69B98
SHA-1 Galician: 65E0141D3D111C522F9BD4B3FF7989B2E531D81F
SHA-1 German: D67DCE80BF79CE1AB201AC0CE8D8A6905827B8BE
SHA-1 Hindi: 761E7FE8E2583A93E1334BB6072708B9B462C35A
SHA-1 Indonesian: 1760745D1DAACB2DE72D37A50CE3E0A6F31AB4B0
SHA-1 Italian: 1B18874301F39595CEAAA048BD45A7C33DF227D2
SHA-1 Japanese: D9F055411242A08E69062254343467AC57899B81
SHA-1 Korean: 6BFB69C9E59278C8E7D9E150E7D0630B1DC9BD54
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: D322091FE3E79C7CD615606FD5392757EF239C81
SHA-1 Polish: 88F412F2E1105449589D268FA25730F936638162
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 590B5BA7DE3BB2895C2F523D02457962AE0C579F
SHA-1 Russian: F577C107DBFF3193BF4CDE1A664FE7E791BBE7F4
SHA-1 Spanish: BBCC3C190EEF28D86DACB86B81F200A4F162B9C4
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: F64A35995CD57134981F17656E818E294E34F255
SHA-1 Swedish: 0C434EC9098073A8C60D3F1D6F4EC258D03FE98D
SHA-1 Thai: 8438938BE77659C135B059F8B47108962BF1FAE5
SHA-1 Turkish: E22E818547D49A69B1BEE3050D76A2B14EECB4CB
SHA-1 Vietnamese: F7350F79A58CE57A4A0B232B14232FB1A337A16A

x86 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: D1B2831EE323A6CCEB12503545E484AFCEFCB469
SHA-1 Basque: 571A6C4F676BE32120A5BA532A5F8B4D3B04DD05
SHA-1 Catalan: 4E374B964CCADE9A3D0FA304098EAB9D901E1D51
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: 3E4123A789E2BE348950FA0B5D1CD7E93496D6FB
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 4C7B50E80900F081D4912C2D3C81D5A7A76CE01B
SHA-1 Czech: EAF6C7BD7B39023E0452A5ADCCB57E7FEB4C42E8
SHA-1 Danish: 8301604512172E4ABFDAFD21C86C1DED430341A7
SHA-1 Dutch: CE4737BB963E876ADEC2011396920FFEDE6A83A5
SHA-1 English: 3C81EA619F5704E1C501DF77302007931C580AB9
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 2F0D05A94D8A6363620A7FE05EDEBE9655484688
SHA-1 Finnish: ED3943F5CEF9F201E00E970EABC99DC19B4BFCC3
SHA-1 French: 1C0572DF75A0854929E54CFDCA09BDE7FC470F86
SHA-1 French Canada: BF981B1F3E75271C56548AB8EF6F601D5E957032
SHA-1 Galician: 42D9DE3050AEAECFCCE41ACA31BC15B992FB7CA2
SHA-1 German: 38DD6B62894B82448716D3CBF6463E491FE15A24
SHA-1 Hindi: 71AE251C2B7981FF2DA7D656B4929F9C94C8C695
SHA-1 Indonesian: 272DBADC38DA6A0C6D8B9E219A66B974FCB00012
SHA-1 Italian: 8B15341ECBD3EA022882338BBD39E63A03E865E1
SHA-1 Japanese: EBEE66DB4B3F3F039717C118365B72EECBBB4B60
SHA-1 Korean: 39C76D7A4F2465F0CF2DB0E513229F6B0814CFB4
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: 06555EBEC5B3596F997084E5AD67AF0AB87271F9
SHA-1 Polish: 2EDA110792C86C93343461D092E9C86FD964DFD4
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 7116DA9423290E378ED187B2162DBCA9E0546607
SHA-1 Russian: 9F2125E8C5DFCEA245ADA1569D34A9E6FCCFF73F
SHA-1 Spanish: 8D5494B6A3B00DDF7CF692E2BC41337DDA6F0BD8
SHA-1 Swedish: E1BFD4B0E78AD4E4F41FF8E66E2BD6940D7E1741
SHA-1 Thai: 22E9CCE3A57B9902A4257706C0C58CB259FE92A3
SHA-1 Turkish: 95309C235C73734E4D495D5059290654311B2240
SHA-1 Vietnamese: EA79760E61C341F90EDCC878E9DCACF7BFDE9B92


This is a fast ring build, which updates via Windows Update from an earlier build.
Or you can convert the .ESD to .ISO and use it as a fresh install.

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