Microsoft Windows 10 v1607, 10.0.14383.0 (rs1_release.160701-1839)


General information
File format
  • Cabinet File (.CAB)
  • Electronic Software Download (.ESD)
Bootable No
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English United Kingdom
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Polish
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  • Russian
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  • Single Language

Install information
Full buildtag 10.0.14383.0 (rs1_release.160701-1839)
BIOS date 02/07/2016
Product Key This build accepts Windows 10 license keys.


Release Information
This build is released to the Fast ring users of the Insider Program on 07/07/2016.
Official announcement:

Improvements and fixes
*) In Microsoft Edge the link with ''Get more extensions from the Store'' now redirects to the available extensions in the Store.
*) Cortana listing mode is now bound to the key combination: Win+Shift+C
*) Changes to the Quick Action area of the Action Center will now be preserved across upgrades.
*) When disconnecting the Surface Book from an external monitor the screen is shown in portrait mode is now fixed.
*) Settings app should no longer show media control in the taskbar preview window.
*) When dragging the file comparison of manage library dialog between two different DPIs monitors should now display the contents correctly.
*) The checkmark used to indicate a selected state in the app bar toggle buttons is now visible again in high contrast.
*) When you connect with Remote Desktop to a PC when a maximized window is immediately behind the Remote Desktop dialog should no longer display the Credential UI behind the maximized window.
*) Explorer.exe should no longer hang after a tooltip was displayed on certain monitor configurations.
*) Certain Bluetooth mice, such as the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, should not accelerate erratically when moving the cursor across the screen.
*) Microsoft Narrator should read the hyperlinks again and saying it is a hyperlink in scan mode in Microsoft Edge.
*) Microsoft Edge should no longer have a memory leak and becoming unresponsive on certain websites with the LastPass extension enabled.

Known issues
*) There can be pop-up shown that this build of Windows expires on 15/07/2016, this can be ignored and is removed in a next build.
*) You can't boot Windows Server 2016 TP5 VMs with Secure Boot enabled. Disable secure boot to fix it.
*) If the machine is not using en-US language and you enable the Developer Mode in Settings it shows the error code 0x80004005. Developer mode is still activated and you can use Visual Studio to develop Universal Windows Applications. This error indicates most of the times that it failed to install the Windows Device Portal and enable additional debugging features in Visual Studio. To fix it follow the following steps:
1) Go to Settings > System.
2) Click on “Apps & features”
3) Choose “Manage Optional features”
4) Press the button “Add a feature”
5) Select the package for Windows Developer Mode
6) Click “Install”
7) Reboot your PC
8) Launch Command Prompt as Administrator
9) Run: sc config debugregsvc start=auto


x64 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 0DF5FDCD09B039A32C4B110AEE293A5F344A96B1
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: C8617DF08F2A76B8B75BADD13CF204241476BD1A
SHA-1 Russian: 3EDB100BA5D86A1F326D336344EF8B860660286C

x64 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 17941D07203B5EAFAA7CE608A00173428BAA2AA0
SHA-1 Russian: 0710FD15B981E626772C5F345059825AFF73A2B0

x64 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 0666E463B79899A81B54CA828548EE2D0D67216D
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: D572D9DF942F4644268A5CCD85427D5B4AD4B700
SHA-1 Russian: B06D823BBC46C2F905C296501A2A7EE891D56615

x64 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 Dutch: 64D455BB9456406A049970AC68D08B7ACDCA02ED
SHA-1 English: B66B4F1F3CA388BB5A58B3CC9A4AFA1DC4344F50
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 7B9A0C381570F0F35BA7B109C3D5E6B2DF9D0D62
SHA-1 Russian: 8938A3E4B7A311FBB1454E4B7B28B1D5322169E2

x64 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 5DEF8297A7B71DADC75EA9EB368454055AA68F1B
SHA-1 Russian: D22F77E02A87B3C0E5E641E03320E9FA40D6C492

x86 Core {ESD}
SHA-1 English: E93940AF88ED63D7F9DA5662C28D558D4CF6C8C1
SHA-1 Russian: EF7A8A6051BF066765A1AAF75EBD268147F32D8C

x86 Education {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 5CF4F72880B43D9A04D3F9AA42F2622AF9C72AE8
SHA-1 Russian: 5FCB6A05560D8EA52B5FA49101CCC92D2A65A5AE

x86 Enterprise {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 8E3A5DDD69CDDA1F7726B3A670031F4E5294E5C3
SHA-1 Russian: BA46BD99E3037F7E77B4DD011A9E5A4C1CED5E6C

x86 Pro {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 75079EB2F73F340E64D01C5C18C93B754FBFA632
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 831E73C8A90DDEAEF52C822DC7319BCD3FF20BEF
SHA-1 Russian: 6B785CE063A93A196C653CECB8262B854A39E4FF
SHA-1 Spanish: 05F3E5E9CC3B810C92891612762FA3B9BFD4ABEE

x86 Single Language {ESD}
SHA-1 English: 5772881F7917818676C327F30091BDBA4B67D2C4
SHA-1 Russian: FDBFC601E927A373F45B434BE0759D1E18176942

x64 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: 031D23F6C6983F3A38F9D0BC429038EE35C5ECFC
SHA-1 Basque: BC85381433DD25BA550A7A3117884E5E3E41FDF0
SHA-1 Catalan: 73E6145A34D8A7F2E3FB1EF22990F1D843239220
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: 3C6C038CEF292216945A6DC7CA6C9BF2485ACAB0
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 7EA6BBD6801ED1D75242BE51B6E8D9647B65EB13
SHA-1 Czech: CC22826C066D66E8120FEB60D32A9FFD26EF9D5E
SHA-1 Danish: C0F7C89E5CEAD76F2FA44F378163C9199F06D0EA
SHA-1 Dutch: 63A6BAD4B8CC7BB1DE713CCC1F4919C8EC29FF5D
SHA-1 English: 374C13DB94067FFE2ECEFC2F7109CA43C4C9EF97
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: FDD7D8C76E3E36BA3174F8ADBFC8B799B2C91F84
SHA-1 Finnish: F26C5CAFEAF35E2EB738E52C248319BFCF9B1119
SHA-1 French: 4EAF987AB17E197345EAC359CC78E3B8E258BDB9
SHA-1 French Canada: AA34F25B25BC12E2606DF62FC93AF3EE1E3275DF
SHA-1 Galician: 8237900D9A9A744CB4CD31850FD00E5AEA70D03A
SHA-1 German: D6FCF584C6291989B3AAB33D8BD2D6D0643579BE
SHA-1 Hindi: D8535429ADF963BAAB10EF07D6810A0BE702C30E
SHA-1 Indonesian: E3F83E5CAF512907CC423092F7DD3FA860C9D0E4
SHA-1 Italian: CA278AB402D06989AD794790A134387D716B9D26
SHA-1 Japanese: 76CC7C7B5027211D5ADCAD2AB1B3F15A533C43D9
SHA-1 Korean: 76AF520203F8C070E321B0A46667851C07475BEC
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: F1F344364D9581906036DA3D6B0BBAF56B184BF0
SHA-1 Polish: 45960651E64633FC5C6C4D142A247DE9C356CD92
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: CE9E66D840BA8D5F07BCC449D7F2B3B4C905CBEB
SHA-1 Russian: DE6BAAC608A874CA62D493F0705813BD75F6EAAD
SHA-1 Spanish: F978C9D1A52B2947CBBBF0AE195C23B580D73068
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: 48AF9756114C472C617775E21337CEE691F9568E
SHA-1 Swedish: 9715769574C01B64A333772A5DCDED43DAE041BA
SHA-1 Thai: 1A062188FD396E51B36F9C30CFA7C995CD67B7AB
SHA-1 Turkish: 6B1BE1DF61834F373ED2361980BDDBD6CD7C379E
SHA-1 Vietnamese: AFA3D4FD381901977D20075F1237CFBEC829099C

x86 Language Pack {CAB}
SHA-1 Arabic: 2713ED8767EA621A2BD08EFADB7C5311FB9DDD2F
SHA-1 Basque: C6A4F4C2200273DD5C56194EA3B232CA413BDA5E
SHA-1 Catalan: 74CDAC5506615F94AA65B937FCDEF3909B1B9272
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: E6CE8F734C690A8AB889CBC851D4B3DC49D7810D
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: BE3F65FCE1D2423D74833B6F073A67FDC0C3EE79
SHA-1 Danish: FD5666B7025D32166EF97849537E8FA03093672F
SHA-1 Dutch: 92C1C708A4F771559CFDA0EB4CD719151D41B3E0
SHA-1 English: CDFD2F9A1B7523B4592E2A923A2D2AB9DA6CA3A8
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: A1818816F20948B68302200C57B4A6E09A562666
SHA-1 Finnish: 3444F85846543A687D7673742F6E571EFE033EE9
SHA-1 French: C120FB822063287C373E6AD7D2F097252D865CEA
SHA-1 French Canada: 78C91610D23161D378931420CE25496D580F05E6
SHA-1 Galician: 3E877DD14DB1BA03BBA3B820B41D9BA3482B80B0
SHA-1 German: C5D7439E60E9D9C4BC305A32340B063F42690E72
SHA-1 Hindi: C9A68B9FF6D833C19E563E797D5D07233A4B0322
SHA-1 Indonesian: 1F04D28326388D77162FA6C6602FCA186935CEFD
SHA-1 Italian: 5B9CF0E57CC0E244699DC04042CBC7E803D4A21E
SHA-1 Japanese: 1622BB8D2E5761CC913956B42E8AB906CDF813DC
SHA-1 Korean: FB181414149E6232326D2CB4BC88EB9A6B15639C
SHA-1 Norwegian Bokmal: 91ED57314D8AC664FCEE90DE4DCDF5BB599B9445
SHA-1 Polish: 0E25172B90422ECC355633BF08B44B168BE9757F
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 3E5664C10DBAA743C22A727E8D6401A0D8D0353C
SHA-1 Russian: C0AC011C64B0DAC886D794814067C5A4D270B7F1
SHA-1 Spanish: C8059B5691C32275F9258419346BADBFC371D8FB
SHA-1 Spanish Mexico: 7F77A94FA08A16E1D977EB6F5E24B8F5BEE81F5E
SHA-1 Swedish: C352F624AB19A092FACCF24E9B8156A3FFF7902D
SHA-1 Thai: B814AF365B56F10F419063AB1D9FA71BDDF759FE
SHA-1 Turkish: 682B20FB7E6161A374755F3B1D0AB8172BB95F0D
SHA-1 Vietnamese: EE5CDC3ED9860B8502989C20758F2B01D1867ECA


This is a fast ring build, which updates via Windows Update from an earlier build.
Or you can convert the .ESD to .ISO and use it as a fresh install.

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