Microsoft Windows 10 v1607, 10.0.14316.1000


General information
File format
  • Cabinet File (.CAB)
  • Electronic Software Download (.ESD)
Bootable No
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
  • Catalan
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English United Kingdom
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
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Install information
Full buildtag 10.0.14316.1000 (rs1_release.160402-2217)
BIOS date 03/04/2016
Timebomb 15/07/2016 (+103 days)
Product Key You can use Windows 10 Retail serials with this build, if you upgrade of clean install on a machine that had Windows 10 on it before, it should input your key and activate it.


This build is released to the Fast ring users of the Insider Program on 06/04/2016.

It includes several enhancements and new applications, such as an updated Settings App, now supports a black theme. Test Taker (crashes on Start in VMware), Connect and a new Skype UWP App, replacing the skype video app and it removed the Get Skype app.

When upgrading from a previous build, the upgrade processes has been redesigned with new screens.

You can also enable the Linux Subsystem (Beta) via the Add Features to Windows dialog and then after putting your machine into developer mode, start bash (first time it will download the image from the store).


x64 Core (ESD)
SHA-1 English: AAD988F0CF98D4810087163F18561EBAA50C3DFA
SHA-1 Russian: 44362813434F90009B7041B6DD7B687E7B4F2711
SHA-1 Spanish: DC0781960BB19CB616A822FC0309E986853CDC9F

x64 Education (ESD)
SHA-1 English: AF129E0A59EDC213693C48EDA095D69129AFD509
SHA-1 Russian: 4EBB56BC944FFAB7A29555567783C84090A56C52

x64 Enterprise (ESD)
SHA-1 English: 42C316D4AEB78B3C3EDBE37EA1729B9CAD49BF65
SHA-1 Russian: B89BFC9DD2EFA3785634D97897214287A0ABFB0D
SHA-1 Spanish: 025B287286960325422B7EC4133F36A934F20C44

x64 Pro (ESD)
SHA-1 Dutch: 85C341897819E19E0C856DFFBF094A5FCE390A12
SHA-1 English: 80CDF5D6F5EC85F0092EB5A9CB8696B3A2B4EACF
SHA-1 Russian: C65FB43499B8A8246EA9D2666C3CB81187F616AA
SHA-1 Spanish: A201EFCB867BA928212243BC3EBAB275B83CF0CA

x64 Single Language (ESD)
SHA-1 English: CFF3EA5BCB4E607B22346222CF99B0FA5D584B7A
SHA-1 Russian: ED8FB7A14DC4D2D47CF987F2F3718B748888BCF2

x86 Core (ESD)
SHA-1 English: CE9DA19D8B6892D0470E44D33E8A1FCB9F2DE3C3
SHA-1 Russian: E8516BDE868C073FC3CFA79A0368FA2090F2A6DE

x86 Education (ESD)
SHA-1 English: 62C3B040C765D88B1C547FBDFB00935E9F362075
SHA-1 Russian: 8114BBEC481769EFB264458AC009D0AD2BF03571

x86 Enterprise (ESD)
SHA-1 English: E379B8BE3DEA83E7FD0380784403C8C4F5D04D96
SHA-1 Russian: 098235D4A0B414CC20A2210B1463D4732E2723C1

x86 Pro (ESD)
SHA-1 English: 037BCCA82E0EC66CD10098621EFC94ABD58CCDF2
SHA-1 Russian: 56C76A70458FDF89C021AFFB16977C3129557712

x86 Single Language (ESD)
SHA-1 English: 54184600406E1D96C3BCBA9B31E8FCA72EC43C38
SHA-1 Russian: 82A6BCCD9B062C020A2A66385AD4A76485BB0B5E

x64 Language Pack (CAB)
SHA-1 Arabic: 4E224F93B47A6BECEA1D15DBA331876AD1E0E3A3
SHA-1 Catalan: 5C558C836BAC968F685C8A5B0A7C3210E974D193
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: EC5EAFA5913D17E532044951AEAE557B072FDD89
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 423C25ED1C7A6CF563619AF980643894D744A5DC
SHA-1 Czech: 1ABD7762B42F10FC24E89F7DFC6783BB2E408E42
SHA-1 Dutch: 52041595B4C4F26D3A3FCDFDB771A09ED78E1B62
SHA-1 English: 3BA503D21EB51F4F0FF321AEB50EEB441D5457BB
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 4C105C722734B3ABB04339A68EDB81CDEC59268F
SHA-1 Finnish: 656105E85E6923ADE96D3E6C5E5930DB4FEF04B1
SHA-1 French: BEC8630FFB32B7BD34FA0D2AFE0BEE61FA4FDF82
SHA-1 French (Canada): FBE180D3E73618720452428AEDC1BBDD64024CE2
SHA-1 German: 9D32E0152B057EF3979C7B65EB902CCD71A87809
SHA-1 Hindi: D70EF332F69A546AFE534E4AED693E12E89C62C0
SHA-1 Italian: 70327818AE40BB9571D8D9EE285C12146119173C
SHA-1 Japanese: 271564DA0F4F03EF2571AEA9B57D75133BCB5916
SHA-1 Korean: B40B5DFF47903BDD453A478C10A9489FC543DDCD
SHA-1 Polish: C79471E7E82ABD92715E33355567BD314C5AED71
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 990C08654C8C37629254687AD969B60A54651434
SHA-1 Russian: CB17CF7BC8822745B090D549191296DB8B94E152
SHA-1 Spanish: 3C9BCF79640BF6C0AC352DA18E9503B9C88F9BF1
SHA-1 Spanish (Mexico): F1E43A6219E186BAC30202559958FBA732210925
SHA-1 Swedish: 33785AFE6B778C78CE3C10CCA01AC8440C2B4F67
SHA-1 Thai: 7FB3BABDC08E23D049646E5F3CD94F757A8A1823
SHA-1 Turkish: 39379FD8FE6ECAD5CE2D3FFE73E0822C1A718508
SHA-1 Vietnamese: DF42A6EA079A36834B72E802CCFA0E74448B0219

x86 Language Pack (CAB)
SHA-1 Arabic: 8155E16B02D595201109C314A23E1B21E7183018
SHA-1 Catalan: FCA00D3B2456C65FF3FA12111B2969A31890702B
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: E8E55913061A5B0E344DCC20B5964A4798D9DD63
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: D50C0642904725CC366A5A297F976E67C5133F35
SHA-1 Czech: B2E1B6D8EACC80C3084BC76D62D3CD7C1769E2DA
SHA-1 Dutch: 96C02E0EA2E9845960A4D94C8769C22A4BB064F2
SHA-1 English: 1E8E4EEC8DBED1DB5DF2CB3930AA83162F9A38BA
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 21F8825E1304DB16D63A195A209086C1F603A4AA
SHA-1 Finnish: A4369E4CB587106F5D450A9D1C3C41714BC40AAC
SHA-1 French: 91055B1B32CDEEF4E488D04157C6DA184CF33069
SHA-1 French (Canada): B731B6E0CBE1FC34DE874883920871B74405BF95
SHA-1 German: DFA13FBEDD9903CE9EF2BC0D93A86423734FF41D
SHA-1 Hindi: 11153C4C39F923DD09574C707FA55994F8271964
SHA-1 Italian: 02247165B3F00D3A212A243CDC45E51A382C962E
SHA-1 Japanese: CC9863621B892280A3130C17E7249A2BBFAB8ECC
SHA-1 Korean: EAFBBC85E3FF8373B807D342E1F1E5DD9AE65851
SHA-1 Polish: 8C4CD347C332129F161053FC102889583B55D3AA
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 1FFEE1AC1F89744486DDF65F21B56D6C181A8882
SHA-1 Russian: 17FA550CC2B17319BB5767F61394F623B3020C68
SHA-1 Spanish: 47CC8487623826CA3A900B7D49B642C4AC0CFA1A
SHA-1 Spanish (Mexico): A5B3DE2AB09A6D9A3DDC7D713B38DA11F1E201C6
SHA-1 Swedish: 5E481BD88E91A0CBB6282E7674F78532D01E4E64
SHA-1 Thai: 2D5064601AFA52F614740F86C341ECA765983803
SHA-1 Turkish: 09ED0C83066C424CE92D8627705BB20E4993578A
SHA-1 Vietnamese: D2F6C5A22B6862A9F4F0C7D5C89C1E688902AA0B


This is a fast ring build, which updates via Windows Update from an earlier build.
Or you can convert the .ESD to .ISO and use it as a fresh install.

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