Microsoft Windows 10 v1607, 10.0.14251.1000


General information
File format
  • Cabinet File (.CAB)
  • Electronic Software Download (.ESD)
Bootable No
Architecture x64, x86
  • Arabic
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Taiwan
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English United Kingdom
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • China
  • Enterprise
  • Home
  • Pro
  • Single Language

Install information
Full buildtag 10.0.14251.1000 (rs1_release.160124-1059)
BIOS date 25/01/2016
Timebomb 15/07/2016 (+172 days)
Product Key You can use Windows 10 Retail serials with this build, if you upgrade of clean install on a machine that had Windows 10 on it before, it should input your key and activate it.


This build is released to the Fast ring users of the Insider Program on 27/01/2016.


x64 Core - ESD
SHA-1 English: 1C19C7E3A6643B636F6BBD6A169C819149238D73
SHA-1 Russian: ABF35C5F3BF86EF2169CE50A102B548B032CD39A

x64 Enterprise - ESD
SHA-1 English: 4CEF0192BFD3E748B0E47A60E759E0938A36F175
SHA-1 Russian: 5607C22CA7C4C9C3E6C7F68B2091A1DFB055D739
SHA-1 Spanish: E25A15970C1CF0EE862A7CA737FB5C146654828D

x64 Pro - ESD
SHA-1 Dutch: 7840A3B925864E4E3FAB4680860419B30F4E1E2C
SHA-1 English: 9F5597471E7CC457E7A637D133345A0889E903C0
SHA-1 Russian: 2783EC5BF9BB6E45D952CD2346ECC8CED3A46136

x64 Single Language - ESD
SHA-1 English: 7693C18B03AA56DB144D9957AD3C21987612EAC8
SHA-1 Russian: DA349FE47C2CB16AB94D3AB09960D44B3D821D12

x86 Core - ESD
SHA-1 English: 8C0B0528E5EBD371960F80641A1B9C0E12A34234
SHA-1 Russian: BBEAAA6866F4D559AF90C0FAF0AEC62123AE2F33

x86 Enterprise - ESD
SHA-1 English: E5395D12FFC621D2A6EAFD5BE30190F0B8B9FBC4
SHA-1 Russian: DFAE7C81BC2CC8F7ED99DE984287BF9EDCD3645B

x86 Pro - ESD
SHA-1 English: ADE87A3B76EC8933A0C557E359DB56907C29AE27
SHA-1 Russian: F95ECDDCF08EB84F2B625DFC64EF529284474832

x86 Single Language - ESD
SHA-1 English: B6F6656B9035493E965D4D0ACDE597CAC0EA67C7
SHA-1 Russian: CD06F37D6CE5A45E95975F7406C5A56067E78DBE

x64 Language Pack (CAB)
SHA-1 Arabic: EE31592A2E5D5B477ED1630B802245A203ADF644
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: 477982B3E4C7733C56CD985E11B29E81629A1DC4
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: 99DF7C94C800CB10613D7C514D67364FE9AEC9B3
SHA-1 Czech: 9B54B640C599958A0D5441D6E465E71D8F608F87
SHA-1 Dutch: 94A09D0477AE09860BA35E00A40F6448B1BAAF31
SHA-1 English: 8180934C143938817CB61738A67C9B3722B901F0
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 29902C0AA7E195ACEA82837948971A4BC50D9FCD
SHA-1 Finnish: 0FB5F3D46974373BC5CD54A39D3AC7E53797525E
SHA-1 French: 7823F9EAF14F94F9025E910179ECA679B8C876CE
SHA-1 French (Canada): 43C4420112BEF5C0AD46C94C265A3EFAF53BB469
SHA-1 German: 90C44C92202BE8E08020EB98978FBF3E4D818587
SHA-1 Italian: 1F8652543C5E0663CBE2BC0B287E998DEEACCAC3
SHA-1 Japanese: D7C77D9554F940BBFE28810D98E6484EA0D4C4CB
SHA-1 Korean: 629877EC3C0526E1F52349B11853394C97CEDEC1
SHA-1 Polish: 16BB873BD3E3E7453A98BA4845D31760E0E918BE
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 1A96B68B19DC0A38D6228803AAB7E322B308C3D6
SHA-1 Russian: 182CAFDD61976550474D5DA7CD3B6946A5B8937C
SHA-1 Spanish: 259EC90476248698B5D543B763A1B3295C02CC0F
SHA-1 Spanish (Mexico): C7331057A46B2376F7D2FEB4E97A5525C66F2885
SHA-1 Swedish: 8DC5ACE6C17E269417AD2BBD73B254E6ED2AB608
SHA-1 Thai: F6A6FA20F6C81E580B5BB02950F5710A6767B427
SHA-1 Turkish: 397B8019569C038FD7EAA02E3E5CFB4F61423A89

x86 Language Pack (CAB)
SHA-1 Arabic: 6AC7D265424A80BCEDFD77D005ACC01ECF082D57
SHA-1 Chinese Simplified: C47E4C1408407D0AA6905A4CD611A31382601C71
SHA-1 Chinese Taiwan: E8F393B03BBAA3274A803D4EA2C8FCF264F6468F
SHA-1 Czech: D4E34EDFBCE22B0BEFC2E4DB9F45B858189CAC51
SHA-1 Dutch: 0FD56378AC9A99919C7A6C2731EF8C1FE32BB391
SHA-1 English: 1A4D4AEAF248B2EE5A00AAF73C3AE1CD3FD798AA
SHA-1 English United Kingdom: 03E5D1990CC523EF24BFF1717187A63877033BFB
SHA-1 Finnish: 6670D90226688D93B39A3552438779CD2CA6F108
SHA-1 French: 83648979408A33FF3B58103FBA6886C911FEF6F7
SHA-1 French (Canada): 1D50052CA91A214A9DDFE0E4DE908E9A2DFD282D
SHA-1 German: 23C4DCFC8757181AE3BDF86D6E8159C3071175F8
SHA-1 Italian: ABC5B110121BD4E348B713861D653A322A7290ED
SHA-1 Japanese: 3492000E2C9C32EE91E2D3265B6653B3F616A921
SHA-1 Korean: 281227174660566D435B64AA0C32CBE422AD6378
SHA-1 Polish: A4EBD703725C940ECE0E53A2191B34BEBF961511
SHA-1 Portuguese Brazil: 2D9270B88463CD75C83EF75FDA9F43BAD0AE4840
SHA-1 Russian: 859D86DD7774C4685B9BDBEEEE17B75B54AFAE36
SHA-1 Spanish: 15FB801E3FCDD805FD2DEFFD8B621E98A0CA189F
SHA-1 Spanish (Mexico): 19D5A5C286EB8D888BDA12730F338E15FFC837F9
SHA-1 Swedish: 59F8DC91BA490E4993E398D688978D831493A38E
SHA-1 Thai: 928471BE54412E1C42D1114A9693E901FAAE7EAA
SHA-1 Turkish: 62B359F9B8BFB0828B09A1AE78B9231AA9CFCD08


This is a fast ring build, which updates via Windows Update from an earlier build.
Or you can convert the .ESD to .ISO and use it as a fresh install.

DISM Error during setup
When you clean install from the created ISO, there is a bug when it finished copying the files during setup.
Do the following steps after you booted from the ISO.

1) Open a command prompt with SHIFT+F10.
2) Find the drive with the ISO image (in VMware it is usually the D:\ drive).
3) Execute the following commands:
- copy D:\sources\dism* X:\sources
- copy D:\sources\*provider.dll X:\sources
- copy D:\sources\du.dll X:\sources
- copy D:\sources\wpx.dll X:\sources
4) Close the Command Prompt and proceed with Setup.

Thanks to Airportsfan, adapted commands for VMware.

Script Error in Microsoft Management Console
If you recieve a script error in a Microsoft Management Console, close the error and select the Standard tab.
Or you can make a new console (run MMC.EXE) and add the required snap-in.

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