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Terms of Use

Please adhere to the Terms of Use of this website.
If you do not agree with the following then discontinue the use of this website.

1. General

  1. The Collection Book is freely to view for everyone.
  2. If you find the information intrusive on your copyrights, please contact our abuse team.
  3. The Collection Book Team holds the right to remove any information and/or downloads that are proven fake or wrongly displayed.
  4. If we find intrusive use or abuse of our website, we hold the right to block you from using our website.

2. Copying

  1. We allow to copy parts of the information for personal and/or publication. But only with the condition that you note the Source URL (URL on The Collection Book) and The Collection Book
  2. Do not copy the whole website, we provide API access (with limited options) for such use.


  1. All downloads are copyrighted to its owners, these include: Microsoft (VPC Additions, Bootdisks), VMware (Tools), The Collection Book only makes the downloads available for ease of use.
  2. Do not redistribute our downloads.

4. Gallery

  1. All images in the Gallery are made by The Collection Book please do not use images without prior approval. Contact us for it.
  2. Do not hot link to images, instead link to either the build page or gallery page.
  3. Want to provide images? send them to us (note that anything you send in comes the property of The Collection Book, but you hold the rights, such as deletion, change, update).

5. Content Management System

  1. Usage of the CMS (Content Management System) is restricted to our Staff.
  2. Wrong login attempts are recorded in the database for future reference.
  3. Unknown user names that appear in the log risk to get banned from the CMS, if we detect multiple tries in a short time span we hold to right to block all TCB access.
  4. You can not register any account, if we need you, you will be contacted.

6. API

  1. We provide API Access to our users, you can sign-up here.
  2. All boxes must be filled in and will be reviewed manually if access is granted.
  3. If your key provides to much traffic or we suspect abuse, we hold to right to temporarily block or permanently revoke your access.
We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Updated and reviewed on: 6 October 2014