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Install Windows 9x

To install Windows 9x builds you can use the following guide I created.
It simplifies the installation or helps you when you get stuck somewhere.

Step 1: Make a new Virtual Machine with Settings of Windows 98 and if you like you can set the memory to 32 of leave it at 64MB.
Step 2: Boot the computer with a Windows 95 bootdisk.
Step 3: At command prompt: A:/>fdisk and make the whole disk 1 partition
Step 4: Reboot and use this command: A:/>format C: /u /s
/u is used for secure delete and erase, when there are files on that partition this will delete them, not using this switch will cause format to save the files and you can recover them with undelete.exe
/s is used to copy files to the hard drive so it can boot from the harddrive.

Step 5: Make any directory at C: (Example: C:/>mkdir setup)
Step 6: Copy all files from cd (C:/>copy R:/win95 C:/setup)
Step 7: Then reboot from the harddisk, at command prompt: C:/>setup/setup.exe
to start the setup and then proceed as normal.
This guide works for the following and some additional notes are given.:

  • When using Chicago use above.
  • When using Memphis use above (use Windows 95 bootdisk, no FAT32)
  • When using Millenium use Windows 98 SE bootdisk (FAT32) and follow above.
  • When using other versions in this guide: CD is bootable
  • If the cd isn't bootable, use Windows 98 bootdisk to start setup in E:/i386/winnt.exe
    (Use with NT betas)