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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find a collection of Questions and Answers that we are asked frequently or some tips we like to share to help you along.

Q: Where do I download from your website?
A: You can find the downloads from in the download section. We offer several Additions and Tools you can use to help you install builds.

Q: Where can I download the builds?
A: We don't offer any builds that you see displayed here. You can however find them on other websites, some for which you need to register.

Q: Where are the product keys for Windows XP RTM or Windows 7, etc.?
A: We only provide product keys for Beta versions, we don't support warez distribution, regarding how old or how long it has been unsupported.

Q: Why do I see advertisements on every page?
A: We enabled advertisements to help pay for the server costs each month, please do not block advertisements and white list The Collection Book in browser add-ons such as Adblock or Ghostery.

Q: Are the advertisements dangerous?
A: Our advertisements are from Google and are not dangerous and should not infect your computer such as it a possibility with other advertisement networks. We also can't be held responsible for what you see in the advertisements, just to note we did not enable adult content.

Q: I see that some information is wrong, where can I notify you?
A: We pay attention to what we display, but there could always be some errors when inputting information. If you see any, you can notify us via e-mail.

Q: Is The Collection Book active on social networks so I can stay up to date?
A: We are active on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Give us a follow or like so you can stay up to date with what is new on The Collection Book.

This page was last modified on: 31 December 2014